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With a range of incredible scholarships, Janet Clarke Hall helps you get more from your university degree.

Our tight-knit academic community will help foster knowledge and skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

With our outstanding academic support, Janet Clarke Hall can help you capitalise on your success.

Mr Alan Reid and Mrs Janet Reid OAM with Reid Scholars, Emma Morrison and Ruby Jacobs.

Giving to Janet Clarke Hall

+ what it means, and why it's important

Giving to JCH means making a real difference to the lives of others.

JCH has long stood for equality of access and opportunity, for women and men, in a full and rewarding university education. Your contribution will help the College to maintain a leading role within the University and to offer enriching and often life-changing opportunities to students of the highest calibre, regardless of their personal and financial circumstances.

Donations to Janet Clarke Hall are used to:

  • offer scholarships and bursaries to the most talented, deserving students
  • preserve and improve the buildings and grounds.

Donations to the College are fully tax deductible to the donor, and are warmly welcomed at any time.

Giving from overseas

We know that many JCH alumni are spread across the globe! Your donations to the College would be greatly appreciated and can be made securely and tax-effectively online. For details, please visit this University of Melbourne website.

Making a gift in your Will

Making a gift in your Will is an investment in future generations of JCH students.

Thanks to the generosity of donors and those who have remembered the College in their Wills, today more than 40% of our students are recipients of scholarships or bursaries, and the programs and facilities they enjoy continue to be maintained and enhanced.

Every year, however, the College struggles with insufficient funds to enable all of these important needs to be met in full. Difficult choices must be made about which of the most talented and deserving students will receive the life-changing opportunity of joining the JCH community.

By remembering JCH in your Will you can make a real difference

We appreciate that making a Will is a very important and private undertaking. Of course it is a priority to provide first for family and loved ones. However, once your prime commitments have been met, we hope that you may wish to remember Janet Clarke Hall.

A gift in your Will to the College is an investment in future generations of JCH students and is an enduring contribution that can honour you, your family, or someone close to you, well into the future.

Your gift, large or small, will help us continue to grow our scholarship program, revitalise our changing infrastructure, and support the College’s teaching needs.

How to include a gift to JCH in your Will

It is not difficult to include a gift to the College in a new Will or add a gift to an existing Will.

First, it is important to decide what type of gift (bequest) you would like to make.
There are different types of bequests:

  • A residuary bequest (remainder of the estate once legacies and costs have been paid)
  • A percentage of an estate
  • A pecuniary bequest (a specific sum)
  • Assets such as real estate, shares and/or culturally significant works of art

Next, you nominate how you would like the College to use your gift.

Your gift can be an unrestricted bequest left for the general purposes of the College, where it will be used in the area of most need at the time it is received. This flexible option allows the Principal and Council to use their discretion and apply your gift to the changing needs of the College well into the future.

Alternatively, you may wish to nominate a specific area of need of the College to receive your support. This gift would be a restricted bequest for a specific purpose, and we ask that you please let us know your thoughts so that we can work with you to accommodate your specific wishes.

You will no doubt want to seek legal advice when drafting a new Will or adding an additional gift to your existing Will. Your legal advisor will find the following wording useful:

If you wish your gift to be unrestricted for general purposes, we would suggest you use one of the following clauses in your Will:

  • I give [insert percentage] of my residuary estate to Janet Clarke Hall,
    ABN 41 004 522 589 of Royal Parade, Parkville, Victoria 3052 for its general purposes.
  • I give [insert dollar amount] to Janet Clarke Hall ABN 41 004 522 589
    of Royal Parade, Parkville, Victoria 3052 for its general purposes.

Alternatively, your gift can be restricted for a stated purpose, where you specify the particular initiative to benefit, such as a student scholarship or prize. In that case, we suggest these Will clauses:

  • I give [insert percentage] of my residuary estate to Janet Clarke Hall
    ABN 41 004 522 589 of Royal Parade, Parkville, Victoria 3052 for (insert purpose).
  • I give [insert dollar amount] to Janet Clarke Hall ABN 41 004 522 589
    of Royal Parade, Parkville, Victoria 3052 for (insert purpose).

Finally, if you are considering leaving a gift to Janet Clarke Hall in your Will, we thank you most sincerely on behalf of future generations of students.

If you would like to make a donation, discuss any issues relating to gifts in Wills, or share your thoughts and wishes in the strictest confidence, please contact:

Principal, Dr Damian Powell


Phone:9349 7100

Fax: 9349 7100

Ms Shelley Roberts


Phone:9349 7180

Fax: 9349 7100