Fees & Scholarships

Janet Clarke Hall offers scholarships (including confidential financial support) on the basis of demonstrated financial need, academic merit, and community service. In 2023 two thirds of our students have been awarded College scholarships or bursaries, typically between $3,000 and $25,000, towards the cost of College fees.

Generally, Janet Clarke Hall will award:

  • major scholarships between $5,000 and $25,000 upon the basis of demonstrated financial need.
  • minor scholarships of up to $5,000 upon the basis of academic merit and community service.
  • new: Janet Clarke Hall Elite Athlete Scholarship

While the capacity of the College to support students is finite, it is our ambition to make residence available to those students for whom the College determines to offer a place, regardless of personal financial means. Generally, this level of support will continue or increase during a student's years in residence. Read more below.


Getting to come to college on a scholarship has really set me down the path of my dreams! At JCH I really feel like it's not about who you were, or where you come from, but who you want to be. Every experience here has been a fulfilling one.

Gypsy, 2nd Year Science

2024 Fees

The University of Melbourne’s research estimates that the cost of living for a student wishing to live within 6 kilometres of the Central Business District is on average within a range of $20,000 - $40,000 per annum.

In 2024, the JCH fees will be all inclusive, with:

  • Furnished room with high speed internet
  • Full MU Sport Membership (pool, gym, fitness and wellness programs)
  • All Meals (including packed lunches and late meals upon request)
  • Utilities including power, water, and washing facilities
  • Access to an extensive academic tutorial program, sporting and social activities, mentoring and pastoral care.

At Janet Clarke Hall, residential fees are paid in three instalments, payable in February, May, and August. The receipt of a College scholarship or bursary will reduce total fees payable. Before financial assistance, the 2024 fees will be:

New Undergraduate student: $35,842 (39 weeks), including a one-off $665 enrolment fee on acceptance of a College place, Orientation Week, Melbourne University Sports Membership, Student Club Membership. Refundable deposit: $2,500.

New Graduate Student: $ 35,842 (44 weeks), including a one-off $665 enrolment fee on acceptance of a College place, Orientation, Melbourne University Sports Membership, Student Club Membership. Refundable deposit: $2,500.

The figures above can be broken down as:

Enrolment Fee $655
Resident Fees $33,722
Welcome Week $855
Student Club Fees $390
Student Club Welcome Week $210
Refundable Deposit $1500
Refundable Room Bond $1000
Total $38,342

Applying for Financial Support

Major Scholarships help students who may need extra financial assistance to live in residence at JCH.

All applications are kept strictly confidential to the College, but may be passed on through the Intercollegiate application process to the College of next preference for their consideration if an applicant is unsuccessful in gaining a place in JCH.

After submitting their initial application for residence form, applicants will be guided on how to apply for financial assistance. This involves completing the pdf form below and submitting it directly to the College office along with any other supporting financial information. Email: office@jch.unimelb.edu.au

Note: Do not fill out the attached JCH scholarship form until you have submitted an application to the ten Colleges via the Intercollegiate Portal. See our apply page for more information.

Applying for Scholarships

All new students who apply for entry to Janet Clarke Hall are considered automatically for a minor scholarship (of up to $5,000) upon admission to the College - you do not need to apply for a minor scholarship in order to be considered. A selection committee will consider all applicants who do not require assistance on the basis of demonstrated financial need for a minor scholarship, with an eye to the following:

Academic achievement

This includes your Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) or equivalent (OP/ Bursary/ A levels/IB etc.) for students entering from secondary school. For students already studying at the University, we will calculate a grade point average from previous tertiary study.

Other points of distinction

Including community service, scholarship or other notable achievements such as awards, prizes, etc. Supporting material evidencing these achievements must be included with your application in order to be considered by the selection committee.

Please note that it is your responsibility to furnish all relevant information (photocopied documents are acceptable) in order to be considered for a scholarship.

Scholarships offered

The College offers a wide range of scholarships (click to download PDF) to successful applicants. 

The University of Melbourne also offers a range of scholarships which applicants should also consider applying for. From 2024, the University of Melbourne's Narrm Scholarship will be guaranteed to students who are Indigenous Australians, and also to students whose home address is in a low socioeconomic area (as defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics) in data that will be provided to the University when you apply for Access Melbourne under SEAS Category 1.

Cost of Living in Melbourne

With over 130 years of rich philanthropic history, life-long community and academic rigour, Janet Clarke Hall has never been just a place to live - it is a holistic institution, a place not only for the mind, but the whole person. In this light, we consciously distance ourselves from any attempt to directly compare our uniquely collegiate and academic offering to the rapid rise of for-profit, private student accommodation providers.

Nevertheless, we understand that many prospective students will be exploring a range of accommodation options, and may be budgeting their own living costs for the first time. With this in mind, below is a rough breakdown of the cost of living in popular student suburbs near the University of Melbourne’s main campus.

Shared/Private Apartment living in Parkville, Brunswick and Carlton area

Weekly Cost



Food and Groceries (note: students who regularly order home delivery meals such as Uber Eats will incur far higher costs than those listed)


Bills (electricity, gas, water, internet)


Public Transport


Gym Membership (if purchased)




Weekly Subtotal


Furnishings on a student budget (i.e. second hand where possible)

$300-$3000 fixed one-off cost

Annual Total (52 weeks)

$20,944 - $42,156

Note: figures are taken from both Australian Government and University of Melbourne research findings which estimate that the cost of living for a student wishing to live within 6kms of the Central Business District is on average within a range of $20,000 - $40,000 per annum.

This form of accommodation does not include the robust extracurricular, academic, sporting, student leadership and philanthropic programs within JCH’s collegiate community.

Janet Clarke Hall holds an enviable reputation for academic achievement and social awareness that will stay with its graduates for life

Prof. Kwong Lee Dow AO

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