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How to apply

You may only submit one application form for all of the residential colleges of Melbourne University

Applications for Janet Clarke Hall are performed online. To complete your application form, you need to:

Step 1
Step 2

Write a statement of application

To the applicant:

This form is provided for you to comment on your reasons for wanting to study at Janet Clarke Hall. It is intended to be confidential between yourself and the College, and will be held strictly in accordance with current privacy legislation.

I would be grateful if you would tell the College something about who you are, why you wish to live in residence and where you might see yourself as heading in the course of the next few years. Wherever possible if relevant, I would be grateful if you would also indicate any matters (special dietary needs, etc.) which might assist the College in providing the best possible learning and living environment for you.

With many thanks for your assistance

Dr Damian Powell

To be filled out by the Applicant :

Step 3

Send a Referees Report to your referees.

Referees Report

This form has been provided by the applicant, who wishes to study in residence at Janet Clarke Hall within the University of Melbourne. I would be grateful if you would comment, to the extent that you are able, on your estimation of the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate in terms of residential life.

Where possible, I would be grateful if you would indicate any matters which might assist the College in providing the best possible learning and living environment for the applicant.

With many thanks for your assistance.

Dr Damian Powell


To be filled out by the Referee :

Step 4

Advise us

Advise us of your VTAC number or state assessment board number (eg VCAA number for Victorian students) if you do not have a VTAC number yet.

Step 5

We need the following

Send in your application form with Statement of Application, four passport photographs, and the $75 application fee. Please note that applications cannot be processed until the fee has been received.

The college offers a range of scholarships on the basis of academic merit. Students new to the college are considered automatically for scholarships.

You do not need to wait for your exam results or to be offered a university place to submit your application, however once you do receive them, forward them immediately on to the college.

We usually have a small number of vacancies at the end of 1st semester. Please contact the college if you are interested.

I adore JCH and the people who live and work here, and I can honestly say it has been the best decision of my life thus far to come and live


What happens next?

You will receive acknowledgment from us confirming the receipt of your application, after which we will organise an interview with the Principal, Vice-Principal or Director of Studies. Interviews generally take place between August and November. If you are applying from overseas or interstate, your interview can be conducted via Skype or telephone if you wish.

Typically, your application will be held until University offers, after which time you may be offered a College place. In occasional circumstances, the College may be able to 'pre-offer' a place which is conditional upon accepting your University offer.

Please note that if you have not been successful in gaining a place at the University of Melbourne, RMIT University, or Monash Pharmacy, your application will be considered inactive by the College. You must let Janet Clarke Hall know if:

  • you change your University preference
  • you are deferring, or
  • if any other situation arises which affects your application.

For further enquiries, please  contact us .

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