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As one of the oldest Colleges in the world to admit women into residence, Janet Clarke Hall prides itself on the values of inclusiveness and offers a space for liberal, open discussion and debate.

The Student Club wants to provide an environment for academic growth, as a foundation for personal achievement. Through opportunities of sport, music and arts the College provides an open space for all students to try something new, outside their comfort zone, free from judgement and full of encouragement. Our strong College culture is underpinned by mutual respect and openness to difference in opinion, background and aspiration.

The Student Club plays an important role in maintaining a respectful culture, and we are committed to working closely with staff to ensure that this is so for everyone within our community. With a student body of around a hundred students, we form a uniquely tight-knit group in which every student is valued. We share a sense of gratitude for the rich and supportive environment made possible through the activities of the Student Club and the College. Through orientation, our emphasis is on developing friendships and trust between year groups, disciplines, from whatever starting point our student body is formed in that year. Aware, as we are, of the various privileges we share in being able to study in residence with the support of the College, we place a focus on respectful relationships and our care to others in the community. 

Eve, Senior Student and President

Janet Clarke Hall Student Club

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Who Applies to JCH?

Year 12 Students

Many of our students join us the year after they graduate from high school, or after a gap year. They come from all walks of life and all parts of the globe. They typically find that moving into JCH is a great way to foster their growing sense of independence within a great support structure and caring community. Janet Clarke Hall also accepts applications from students who may be under 18 when they enter university. 

It sounds cheesy...but JCH is safe, supportive and a heck of a good time

Eve, 1st Year Science

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Current Undergraduate Students

Already studying? For some of you, your current living situation may not reflect the on campus university experience you wish to have, or expected to have. We welcome current University students with open arms, with quite a few of our current students having moved into JCH in the 2nd or 3rd year of their degrees. We find that this type of student adds to the richness of our community, bringing maturity with their age and an eagerness to actively participate in, and contribute to, the unique opportunities of collegiate life. 

JCH is a place of acceptance, diversity, warmth and vibrance. It's like Hogwarts, only without Voldemort, and with a vending machine. Win win!

Keely, 2nd Year Music

Graduate Students

JCH can be described as an undergraduate college that accepts graduate students. While there are some extra perks for graduate students, for the most part you will live, dine and study like any other student, forming close-knit friendships with your peers and mentor/mentee relationships with residential tutors and staff. Some of the key differences of being a graduate student at JCH include:

  • Senior Common Room (SCR) membership. The SCR is a place to make coffee and read the paper during the day and drink wine by the fire of an evening, enjoying rich discussion with your peers and special guests. 
  • Larger student rooms, including fireplace, when available.
  • Additional weeks in residence included in your annual fee
  • Some opportunities for paid employment via our academic tutoring program, along with formal and informal opportunities to be a mentor to younger students.
The students here are wonderful and talented, a diverse and intelligent group that's always doing something. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.

Zach, Arts Gradaute

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Our College is situated on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, whose stories, educational practices and connection to Country are part of the world’s oldest living culture.  We acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and those emerging in our community.

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