Located within the main campus of the University of Melbourne,
and just twenty minutes walk from the centre of Melbourne.

Full of history and charm, Janet Clarke Hall provides a relaxed and friendly environment in which to stay.

Janet Clarke Hall is surrounded by park lands, and close to a range of social, cultural and sporting sites.

Why choose Janet Clarke Hall?

+ what makes us different

We are much more than ’96 students and 9 resident tutors’. The high ratio of tutors to students help the College, but it’s our relationships that define us. Students bring an amazing mixture of talents, backed by their discipline and all the opportunities we offer. Our highly engaged tutor team are role models for a successful life and provide outstanding support.

We are widely regarded for the open and friendly leadership of College staff who are experts in what they do. We look for people who bring good things to our community, and thrive in it.

And the other colleges?

+ how do I choose the right one for me?

Every College has its own culture. Simply put, if you imagine Colleges as people, each with their own personality, some you could be life-long friends with, others would merely be acquaintances. It's important that you pick the culture that suits you best. So, how do you work out which College will fit you?

  • Visit the College.
  • Speak to the Students
  • Read the culture of the college

It's only by doing this that you'll get a real sense of what each College values, and what Janet Clarke Hall can really do for you.

But judge for yourself. Don't trust the marketing.

So what is the JCH culture?

+ The Academic College...

Most colleges are getting big. While Janet Clarke Hall offers everything that a larger college does, our size and energy allow countless opportunities for all of our students to try new things, pursue excellence, and lead others.

We also have an outstanding tutor team who engage daily in teaching, learning, and mentoring. As a result, our students' academic performance is incredibly strong.

How do we measure this? Consistently 40% of our students received First Class Honours, with 87% of all grades at Honours level - well above the University average.

So what's Janet Clarke Hall's culture? Who would JCH be if they were a person...

Intelligent & hard-workingThey know that University is a cornerstone of their education and the single most important factor in determining their career, life and future. They value knowledge, but wear it lightly; this person is no nerd.

Open mindedThey're open-minded and rigorously accepting of new people and ideas. They're courageous enough to speak up when they sense intolerance.

Friendly and acceptingThis person is friendly and warm. They value friendship and are not a fan of cliques, gangs or groups that exclude.

Socially mindedThey are able to see the big picture and realise that there's more to life than themselves.

Their views on religion, politics and asylum seekers...That's probably something you should ask them, but the point is...they have views. They are engaged with the world. They don't spend it in a haze of alcohol, drugs, TV watching or shopping. Ideas, discussion and debate make them come alive.

What they don't likePettiness, style-over-substance, intolerance, laziness.

If this sounds like the kind of person you could imagine becoming friends with then come visit and judge for yourself. We'd be happy to give you a tour of the College anytime, or visit us on our Open Days.

Sasha Greenaway, First Year Arts Student