Ms Rebekkah Markey-Towler

Teaching areas:  Law, Criminology, Climate Change, Political Science

Rebekkah (Bek) is a Research Fellow for Melbourne Climate Futures at the University of Melbourne. She has a particular interest in climate change law, environmental law and corporate law, and has worked with Professor Jacqueline Peel at the Melbourne Law School on a number of projects including: devising a legal blueprint for corporate energy transition, strategic climate change litigation, and legal frameworks for waste management in the Pacific and in times of pandemic. Previously, Bek spent a year teaching English in Japan as part of the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Programme. She also spent 18 months working as the Executive Associate to a judge on the Federal Court of Australia. Last year, Bek tutored criminology and law subjects, and worked on the Domestic and Family Violence Bench Book. She holds a Bachelor of Arts/Laws (Hons) from the University of Queensland. In her free time, Bek enjoys swimming, long distance running and reading non-fiction.