Ms Phoebe Fitzpatrick

Teaching areas:  Mathematics and Statistics

Phoebe is currently completing a Masters of Biostatistics with the intention of completing a PhD thereafter. She previously completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Applied Mathematics and a Diploma of Languages in Italian, both at the University of Melbourne. She has previously worked an Academic Coach at secondary schools in Melbourne. Phoebe’s current studies in Biostatistics stem from a love of data’s increasing importance in our world, and a wish to use statistical and data analysis to help solve the current health problems in today’s society. Her academic passions outside of mathematics and Italian include self-studying other romantic languages and philosophy, which she believes helps to give her a more well-rounded understanding of mathematics and statistics. Aside from academia, Phoebe has an adoration for travelling and outdoor sports, which brought her to study a semester at the University of British Columbia in Canada as part of her undergraduate degree. Here, she was able to gain valuable life experience and partake in her favourite outdoor sports – hiking, skiing and rock climbing.