​​​​​​​The Dean of Studies is primarily responsible for the academic wellbeing of students, working closely with the Deputy Principal, members of the Senior Common Room and non-resident tutors to provide support to the student body. 

Ms Briana Ellis (she/her)

Briana (Bee) graduated from the University of Melbourne with a BA(Honours) in Anthropology and Executive Master of Arts. She is now completing her Master of Education part-time. With ten years of experience living and working in the Melbourne Colleges, Bee is passionate about supporting young people as they navigate university life. Before moving to JCH, Bee was a student and staff member at Whitley College and then the Intercollegiate Marketing Officer. Bee has past experience running a food literacy not-for-profit, and is most joyful sharing good food with good company. Bee also enjoys board games, videography, swimming, and walking along to podcasts.