​​​​​​​The Dean of Studies is primarily responsible for the academic wellbeing of students, working closely with the Deputy Principal, members of the Senior Common Room and non-resident tutors to provide support to the student body. 

Ms Briana Ellis

Briana (aka Bee) is a Melbourne Model graduate with a BA(Honours) in Anthropology and Executive Master of Arts. With ten years of experience living and working in the Melbourne Colleges, Briana is passionate about supporting young people as they navigate University life. Before moving to JCH she was a student, tutor and Community Relations Manager at Whitley College and was also the Intercollegiate Officer for key University of Melbourne recruitment trips across Australia and New Zealand.

Most recently, Briana co-led Youth Food Movement (2019-2020), Australia’s largest not for profit run by and for young people passionate about food literacy and sustainable food systems. She also enjoys expanding her ever growing collection of board games (her favourite is Settlers of Catan, if you ever need an extra player).