Mr Henry O’Neill

Teaching areas:  Linguistics, Creative Writing, Education and Philosophy. 

Henry is a student at the University of Melbourne, currently doing his honours year in linguistics. His thesis will be on inter-family linguistic variation across a speech community in Tennant Creek, where the main language spoken is a form of Kriol. He loves linguistics because of how central language is to humans and because it allows him to incorporate both qualitative and quantitative methods in his research. Henry’s plan after honours is to take whatever opportunities arise, be that working in a language centre somewhere in Australia, continuing academically as a research assistant, or furthering his studies overseas. He’s always up for a chat about whether bees have language, how grammar isn’t and shouldn’t be something set out by institutions, or why the anti-passive construction is still useful in non-ergative languages. Outside of linguistics, Henry spends his time bouldering, playing soccer and netball, or going running. He’s also a keen-but-not-very-good guitarist, singer, zine-writer, and filmmaker.