College Response to COVID-19 in 2021

As we navigate the second year of the COVID-19 global pandemic Janet Clarke Hall remains committed to the safety of students and staff as of paramount importance.

In welcoming students into residence, we have committed more than $800,000 – the largest amount of scholarship support in our history – to ensure that students have the capacity to be in College regardless of financial circumstances, including through economic difficulties related directly to the pandemic.

Throughout the year, we will continue to respond appropriately to Government restrictions as they change in response to changing rates of community transmission.

We will also build upon growing engagement with virtual technology, as appropriate, to supplement face to face interaction in the teaching and learning spaces.

Last year we worked closely as a community, and this year we will continue to ensure that the College places a high priority on pastoral care and respectful relationships. In managing our response to COVID-19 this year, we will be helped enormously by a large cohort returning students and resident tutors who responded with creativity and care to changing circumstances throughout last year; we feel well prepared to help new students find their place in College, the University, and the City of Melbourne.

With greater experience in tracking and tracing COVID, and the roll out of vaccines in the course of this year, the College anticipates that as time progresses we will be able to return, in careful and considered calibration, to the normal rhythms of College life.

For parents, guardians, staff and students, as for people across the globe, COVID-19 has presented and will continue to present unprecedented challenges.

There will be more challenges to come. But as the College enters a second year of the pandemic we have confidence in our ability to support the students in our care. As always, we are deeply grateful for the interest and support given to the College in this endeavour.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Damian Powell
15 February 2021

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