Located within the main campus of the University of Melbourne,
and just twenty minutes' walk from the centre of Melbourne.

Full of history and charm, Janet Clarke Hall provides a relaxed and friendly environment in which to stay.

Janet Clarke Hall is surrounded by parklands, and close to a range of social, cultural and sporting sites.

Janet Clarke Hall students take their academic life seriously, and are encouraged by the College and by each other to achieve their full potential. In turn, the smaller size of the College means that our staff and tutors are able to pay personal attention to our students, and to foster a culture in which a busy extracurricular life encourages, rather than detracts from, outstanding results.


Janet Clarke Hall runs an outstanding tutorial programme, in which our 97 students benefit from 60 weekly tutorials designed to supplement their university education. The College also provides one-on-one academic mentoring, in which students can meet with a mentor to discuss their academic progress, subject choices, career paths, etc. The College prides itself on the engagement of its tutors, who live alongside our students in the same building, providing invaluable formal (and informal) academic support.


Janet Clarke Hall provides an intellectually-stimulating environment in which to think and ask questions, and where discussion and debate on social issues have a place in daily life. The College hosts visiting scholars and as well as running fire-side talks and occasional seminar events, giving students the opportunity meet and learn from those who have achieved distinction for excellence in their disciplines (Rhodes Scholars, Nobel Laureates).


Janet Clarke Hall is an incredibly musical college, with opportunities for all levels of ability. Along with our Resident Music Tutor Miss Julia Hastings, the College has a long association with our Kenneth Moore Music Scholar, Dr Anna Goldsworthy, an internationally recognised concert pianist. The College provides plenty of ways for the students to enjoy music, whatever their level of interest or expertise. Students can perform in the annual revue or at formal dinners, and sometimes organise informal soirees to showcase their progress. Additionally, students can sing in the JCH informal choir,or audition to sing in the Trinity and Newman College Choirs.


Child Safety Standards

As an academic residential community, the Janet Clarke Hall is strongly committed to ensuring that all its members, guests and visitors can enjoy an environment that is safe and free from danger and risk as far as reasonably practicable. This commitment extends to creating and maintaining a safe culture and environment for all Under 18 persons. All members of our Community are bound by our Child Safety Code of Conduct.

Fair Treatment

Among the first tertiary institutions in the world to accept women into residence, Janet Clarke Hall has long pioneered fair treatment and equal opportunity. Sexual harassment, discrimination or bullying is not tolerated in our community and complaints will be dealt with sympathetically, seriously and in confidence in accordance with the Intercollegiate Fair Treatment Policy.

Parties and Games


Janet Clarke Hall understands that it's incredibly important that students get the opportunity to relax and unwind. The College is busy with many student-run (often themed!) parties and events throughout the year, which give the students a chance to let their hair down at the end of a long week and party responsibly in a safe and friendly environment.

Drama and Exhibitions


Each year the student club put on a play bringing together students in any number of roles; from directing and producing to costuming and make-up, and of course as performers. The College also runs exhibitions showcasing creative works from students, tutors and staff, in which everyone is encouraged to participate.


College dinners form a large part of what makes Janet Clarke Hall so special. In addition to the incredible food and service, the presence of well-acclaimed individuals at some formal college dinners, serves as a reminder to students of what they are capable of achieving through utilising their skills, ambition and a great deal of hard work. Furthermore, these events also represent an occasion for students to come together, away from their busy schedules, and remember that they are exceptionally privileged to be a part of this close-knit community of unique, talented and amazing students.

Sports and Fitness

Janet Clarke Hall provides a chance for everyone in college to play a sport, in a fun and spirited environment. We're not concerned about winning but just having a great time together in a sportsman-like fashion. You can learn how to row, play soccer, netball, racket sports and more. Despite our size, spectators at JCH are some of the loudest and most animated, and our participants some of the most committed competitors.

JCH's competing in Long Jump

Community service

As a privileged community, JCH students and staff take pride in giving something back to those who may be less fortunate through our Social Services Committee. A group of student volunteers have helped with rural regeneration, for example, since the 2009 Black Saturday bush fires. Some students currently tutor in the Carlton North Primary School Homework Support Group, which teaches English to refugee children. Students have raised money for cancer research, slept out for the homeless, or sponsored children in the third world. No one at the College is pushy about getting involved, but the students are very socially conscious and motivated

Faith and Values

Janet Clarke Hall welcomes people of all faiths. A college in the Anglican tradition, share a beautiful College Chapel with Trinity College. Students are welcome to attend services of worship and share in the life of the magnificent Chapel, or use the space for quiet contemplation and reflection in their own time.


In addition to all of the facilities that Janet Clarke Hall supplies and grants access too, the College is located within the main campus of Melbourne University, just five minutes by tram to the CBD, so students are able to, freed up from the need to commute long distances, make the most of what Melbourne has to offer, be it a restaurants, jazz bars, art galleries or theatres.